What is the biggest upset after migrating to Microsoft GCC High?

Has anyone here recently migrated to GCC High? Seems to be a huge move for organizations in terms of functionality…Wanted to hear others experiences.

My elementary message would be that GCCH is a deprecated O365 commercial platform. I say this, in that many features available in commercial seem to appear 3-12 months later in GCCH. From a support perspective, this really limits you to service providers who have experience/customers on GCCH. GCCH is also much more expensive than commercial. However, in the nearly three years we have been on GCCH, huge improvements from what we first experienced.

Yes so we just moved to GCC High and it was a bit of a mess since we moved the whole company over and users a bit more restricted now in terms of features. Question, how do you share documents or files with external users? We are planning on migrating from box to sharepoint to get all of our data into GCC high but I am starting to get worried with sharing to our clients or teammates who are not on GCC high…they say they are removing this functionality but it seems to work currently.