What is the best VPN service?

I have used several over the years and recently stuck with Windscribe. It does more than the average VPN and it allows my connection to be the same on every browser instead of using an extension for only one. The paid option gives you great areas to connect to and the connection is almost always great. I don’t notice a huge drop with my standard speeds. I am slowly switching to using it full time as well just for extra security. Some sites will block you using a VPN such as Twitter but sites like these don’t want you to have privacy, so why would you want to be a part of them to begin with?

What do you think is the best VPN? What are you using?

Windscribe is a good choice, very private and no logging.
You need to be careful with VPN providers, a lot of them do log data and aren’t up to scratch with security protocols.

My favorite is Mullvad. No account needed, at least not in the traditional sense. You have an account number and that’s it. Pricing is good too, flat-rate of 5 Euro a month.

I highly recommend using Nord VPN. I have used it for a while with no issues and it works across multiple devices!!

ExpressVPN or Nord VPN are usually the very best. They deliver on their promises and you can always get some good deals as a first time user.

As already pointed out by someone here, Nord VPN is very good. Do check it out.