What do you use to secure your passwords?

In this day and age, we need to ensure we have everything double protected, even triple protected if it is an option. For myself, I use LastPass. I have been using this browser extension for several years now. It allows me to make my passwords very long and super secure without needing to remember everything. I want to ensure that my most important accounts are that much more secure. I also use LastPass’ 2factor for logging so even if someone should get my main password, they can’t get in without my phone.

I use Bitwarden myself since you can use it on any OS and get the full security and benefits of it in full. LastPass doesn’t work how I would like it to on Linux and while it is great for Windows, I feel there are better options. Bitwarden just does the job for me the way I want it.

The most important sites I use daily, I change the passwords every 2 weeks to a month. I have a pad of paper on my deck where I write them down in pencil so I don’t forget, and when I change them I erase them on the pad and jot down the new one. When I go somewhere, I take the pad with me.

I always saw a certain redundancy in storing passwords for online sites for safe keeping somewhere on the computer.

I’m also a Bitwarden user, Lastpass lost me as a customer when they sold to LogMeIn. I don’t like that business.
Bitwarden can be self-hosted for increased privacy as well which is something I do, a cheap VPS from Vultr is all you need. Really enjoying it so far.