System Monitoring

It’s essential to monitor our servers to ensure that bad guys aren’t getting in and things are working as they should. What are you using to monitor your servers?

My first daily check is htop. I can quickly see if everything is running smoothly and what exactly is running. If something is wrong, I can see the offending user and process and act accordingly.

pmap is also very handy for process memory usage.

Finally, I use monit for a GUI tool to easily see what’s happening on my server.

What’s your favorites? :slightly_smiling_face:

my brother in law i using solarwinds. Im just not sure if it does the trick for everyone in their company. but he keeps on blabbing that the software is pretty much able to tell him what needs to be done.

I know about monit , it allows one see what’s happening. I prefer ot to many monitoring tools, you see whatsup with your server.