Switching over to Linux

If privacy is important to you and you want to make sure your system is secure completely, using Windows just shouldn’t be on the table for you. There are several issues with the Windows operating system but the big ones are privacy breaches and countless attacks from malware. When you use something like Linux, you don’t have to worry about virtual attacks or malware. You don’t have any backdoors on your system you need to worry about when it comes to privacy breaches. It just makes sense to switch.

Are you using Linux? Do you enjoy it?
If not, what are you using and why?

I am still on Windows, not because I don’t know any better but because I am still in the transition of switching over. I work from home so it is a lot of move to a new OS. I do have it dual booting though so I am getting ready to make it my primary OS. There is just too many problems with Windows that will only grow and get worse. Seeing how the governments are trying to sneak in the back-doors of all our systems worries me as well.

I’ve long been shot of Windows and never regretted it.
My daily driver is Fedora and it works great for me, rock-solid stable and nothing nefarious being sent to Microsoft or Apple.
If you are considering a switch, stay away from Ubuntu. They aren’t so bad right now but do keep trying to sneak in telemetry and generally work against the idea of FOSS.

P.S - I know my name is BSD, it’s what I use for web servers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like Linux because of how robust the system is. It is also very pro consumer which is more than I can say for Windows. Welcome to the Good Side my friend!

This might just be the best decision you ever made. Welcome to the world of Linux where the possibilities are literally endless.

I do use both Windows and Linux. Linux is very easy to use and kind of good performing than windows. I made the decision since am a programmer which makes Linux more efficient.

I started using Linux two years ago and have never looked back. It was my best decision ever.