Personal security virus blocker?I

didnt have a virus blocker on my computer and i had to dowload this thing called personal security, its like a demo of a virus protector, well i got a new virus blocker and i need to know how to delete this personal security demo thing. it wont let me go to control panel and remove it from the add remove icon. anyone have any ideas?

This Personal Security demo is a fake rogue spyware virus. do not buy it if it asks you to pay for license,

Oh why whats the reason ?

because it is a scam. you should remove personal security virus from your computer. to remove it

Your computer is infected. The program that you installed, Personal Security, is a scam and a virus in itself.

What kind of anti-virus is i t ?

Personal Security is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as Cyber Security. This program is promoted through the use of malware that will install it on your computer without your permission

So its work automatically right ?

In order to protect itself, this program will automatically attempt to terminate security programs that may help to remove it. When installed, Personal Security will be configured to start automatically when Windows starts. Once started, it will scan your computer and display a variety of infections, but will state that it will not remove them unless you first purchase the program

Please follow my instructions to uninstall the program:

Paste the following string to Windows Explorer address bar and execute it (Press Enter key):

C:\Program Files\Common Files\PSecurityUninstall\Uninstall

Your best bet is to download a malware remover and clean the system. You might have been infected.

I think you are better off doing a system restore. You can simply restore your system to its state before you installed the programs.

Like Anderson says, a system restore could be really helpful in your case. You must have created a restore point earlier though.