Oracle, SQL, MS Access...?

Oracle, SQL, MS Access…? Can you tell me the difference between all of them.

Oracle and SQL Server are enterprise level relational database system. They both do the same thing but from different vendors, Oracle from Oracle Systems and SQL Server from Microsoft.

Which is better & why (People told me the Oracle is the mother of DB’s)

Both Oracle and SQL Server are better than Access but the differences between Oracle and SQL Server are more subtle and wouldn’t mean much to you at this level.

hmm thanks can you tell which one of them are open-source & which of them are not

MS ACCESS: not a “true” database. This is more of a self contained database that allows you to create user interfaces, reporting, and queries for quicker and easier than any of the above. (Maximum size 2GB - may be larger with version 2007). Slow slow slow (in comparison).

What you think about oracle

Very technical, generally at the fore front of database design, yes, this is the mother of all DB’s. Oracle 10g is currently their latest version - in a nut shell, 10g is self optimizing, it determines the most efficient way to run itself based on its own activities

Mysql, oracle, DB2, MS Access, MS SQL server, Post gres are all software for managing databases; all these software are called DBMS ( database management system)SQL is a standard language to create/insert/delete data from these relational DBMS.

MySQL is an open source relational database system. It is primarily used as a backend for websites. SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language. All databases use SQL to create queries although there are ususally a few commands that are vendor specific.

They are basically the same kinds of applications but from different companies. It all goes down to preference.