Options and risk management?

Has anyone here had actual options investment experience…i.e. positive/profitable experience and you are not trying to sell a “system”/software/book, etc

Yes, I have traded options on and off for decades, but never very actively.

What is the best strategy to reduce risk?

I am not sure exactly what you mean. If you really mean “reduce” there has to be a starting point from which you make a reduction, but you did not specify what that starting point is

I mean to control the risk i don’t want to lose anything

If you mean “control” risk, the first thing you need is a good understanding of what the risk factors are when trading options. You can get that from reading from a good book on options. Second, you need to understand what the different strategies commonly used are, and when each on is appropriate.

Thank you what will be the best strategy and how do i chose it ?

To choose the best strategy you need to have a prediction about the direction and volatility of the underlying. The one strategy I have seen most widely promoted recently is an iron condor when you believe implied volatility is too high, but any low delta (delta-neutral) strategy is likely to make money.

How do you do it, i.e. invest in options and stay profitable? Do you invest yourself or through a broke

decide what trades to make but, obviously, submit those trades through a broker. — I’ll add one more comment. Previous answers to this question have recommended covered calls. You should understand that a covered call has the same risk profile as a cash-secured naked put, and few people consider naked puts as a low risk strategy