On Premise vs Hybrid vs Cloud

What are the rules when it pertains to On Premise, Hybrid, and Cloud systems. I hear many people argue that oh my information is stored in the Cloud so that means I am exempt from these practices. Or we store our information in the cloud so why do I need a domain to manage all of my systems. Do I need to implement ever practice statement with a hybrid solution?

Has anyone experienced this or have any insight as to what the solution may be?

Well, a lot of people love to store data in the cloud because of great solutions it brings like disaster recovery, easy accessibility, security, easy sharing, automation,collaboration and scalable service.

I say go for Hybrid. it gives you the benefit of both Cloud and on premise rules.

I like storing things in the cloud because it hardly get missing unlike on the drives that might get corrupted. Ease of accessibility is the most reason for me.