Learning To Code

With all the talk of needing added security these days, do you think it would be helpful to learn how to code so as to get a better overall understanding of how the internet works?

What concerns me most about what is happening these days is people getting on the internet more and more because the “stay in place” restrictions and thinking they understand how to better secure themselves. People who have only ever had a passing use of the internet are on it now up to 10 hours a day. Coding is the nuts and bolts of all this so I’m wondering if knowing how to do it and understand it could lead to a better understanding of how to best secure your internet presence.

Do you think there is a connection here, or am I overthinking it?

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Well, that depends. You can secure your privacy and data without learning how to code anything.
You just have to understand how data is sent, what sends it, and avoid anything that does. This generally means abandoning products by Google, Apple, Microsoft and stop using Facebook.

It is good to know that everyone uses IoT. If you wish to learn coding, tgere lots of websites that can help you learning while you stay at home such as freecodecamp, guru99, YouTube

Coding is an hot cake now, not to now say that most people now depends on the internet to get jobs done. YouTube has really helped learning programming codes easier than it use to be. I am learning web design already. So cool

It is really good to know how the internet works. Learning a skill during this pandemic period is paramount and can be what will save out job after this situation. Coding is very profitable.

It is great to know how the web functions. Learning expertise during this pandemic period is fundamental and can be what will spare out employment after this circumstance. Coding is truly productive.

Learning to stay safe online doesn’t really concern coding but if you want to learn about coding then you are thinking in the right direction because it is really lucrative coding for others too.

I think if you are learning to code it should be for a different purpose not necessarily for protection. I personally want to learn programming and coding next year.

I think in the near future coding will be part and parcel of our school curriculum. Coding has proven to be extremely important and soon it will be a basic skill required by everyone.

Learning to code is one of those things I have always had in my bucket list. I just feel like it is too ontimidating though. I hope I get around to it some day.

Coding is one thing that is very sure to retain its standard in computing world. Being a programmer is nothing easy. But its friendly though

Coding is a key skill that is going to be very important in the near future. Learning to code is the best investment anyone can make right now.