In Home Technology Upgrades

With all this remote work is any one taking the time to strengthen their home infrastructure or coming up with and tools to implement?

I have been looking into setting up a raspberry pi to start an automation system.

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That’s so wise of you. For me I want us to build that closeness with out kids especially we that hardly stays at home. This time opens our eyes to learn and know our kids well.

Security is always important to our lifes. This time people needs to really be security conscious but alot of work now are done online.

Yes I believe we should all look into a security avenue to boost our security online. I’m yet to do any upgrade though but will have to do so.

Not for now, but might look into getting it in the future if this drags on. Due to the lockdown there’s really not much we can do at the moment, so I hope and pray it holds until that tides over.

I would have loved to do such projects and improve automation in my house. Unfortunately I am not very tech savvy :frowning:

Raspberry pi has a lot of capabilities and I bet you are getting some really cool projects done. I hope you get to share some of what you’ve managed to do.