How do you stay private?

In today’s world of mass surveillance and endless tracking, what are you doing to stay private? Here’s what I do:

  • Stopped using Windows, using Linux (Fedora) instead

  • Stopped using Google Chrome, now using more secure forks of it.

  • Browser extensions to stop fingerprinting, hardware detection, WebRTC leaks and so on. This can be done with “Trace”.

  • Always-on VPN

  • Block big-tech like Facebook and Microsoft via hosts file. They can’t track me!

Next up to secure is my phone. It’s an Android so it’s not easy but with rooting and custom roms, seems possible.

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This is getting copied and pasted. All good advice, thank you for sharing it. Truth is, I phone it in when it comes to security. VPN in Opera and TOR on my Android. is all I’ve ever done. I know I need to take it more seriously.

To stay private these days I avoid using free WIFI, and if I do I use a reliable VPN. Also I make it a practice to use private browsing,

Thanks for the tips, I’ll start to do the same as I’m tired of having a lack of privacity. What I do is avoing using free WIFIand sharing personal details in social media.

Lovely tips on how to stay private. I love the use of VPN. I will add this to the listed tips: minimize the use of Free Open Source software known to be FOSS

This is a piece of very useful information you have posted here. For me, I try to use the site with a secure connection that will keep me private and sometimes I use a good VPN to remain private

Thank you for sharing all of these. Will definitely follow this steps especially on this quarantine period. A lot of cyber security risks.

It’s really hard to stay you’re entirely safe from anything that could still track you, but listing those simple solutions really gives me hope. I still can’t find myself getting “weaned” off from Google Chrome as it’s still something I keep going back to. But I’m trying to find my way around it.