EARN IT Act, Goodbye Encryption?

You’d be forgiven for not noticing at this time, but have you heard of the US government’s plan to end encryption?
It would give the government backdoors into everything, like they don’t have access to enough already!

You can read about it here: https://www.theverge.com/interface/2020/3/12/21174815/earn-it-act-encryption-killer-lindsay-graham-match-group

Notice the reasons they are giving for this bill, to “protect the children”. I don’t buy it!

You’re 100% right and it’s terrible that only a few bad eggs are responsible for this Act impending everyone’s online privacy. Hopefully, they can make a case for the average citizen who clearly is not involved in child sex trafficking.

yikes, i dont think its a good idea. what if the files they have access too gets into the wrong hands? i’d say its okay for the sake of transparency, then again not everything you know is good for you.

This is crazy I must say, what information do they need that they cant have access to. Whose children are they protecting please? We have scammers in government houses now not leaders.

I hope this isn’t true because it’s isn’t funny at all. So no more privacy for individuals because of intrusion by children. This is really wrong on all grounds no matter the reasons.

This is nothing but wrong, the internet is even vulnerable with encryption. Taking away encryption will make users data more vulnerable. We better think this true.

This is a very wrong move by the government. They are basically throwing everyone’s privacy out.

They have used such a lame excuse for this. I hope congress doesn’t pass this into law.