Corona Virus Used in Malicious Campaigns

People are taking advantage of a a serious physical threat and now want to threaten users more with attacking the infrastructure used to save them…

What do they get out of this?

A chaotic society is their hope. There are people out there, whether in the U.S. or abroad, who want to see our system torn down. When they see a weakness, they attack it. They don’t care about human lives lost and they may not even care about their own.

The more you think about it, the logical conclusion turns into evil people doing evil things. It’s best not to go too far down that rabbit hole, just know that these people are not like you and me. It’s hard to understand them.

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Midnight is right. Evil people will always seek to do evil things and when a person, a group, or a nation is at a weak point… They will attack even harder. There truly isn’t rest for the wicked. We have to make people aware of these things and ensure everyone uses better security so every nation is protected.

This is to be expected. Black hats will take advantage of anything and there will always be people who fall for their tricks.
It’s just one reason why I support free cyber security classes for the elderly. Just a week will help them understand things like phishing, spam, malware and so on.

This is so wrong but trust humans to always do the unthinkable, using every avenue to attack the next person. I hope those in authority nip this in the bud as soon as possible.

Cyber crime and online security is at risk right now. Be careful with all your bank accounts online. Don’t sign up immediately. Always use VPN for security.

This simply goes to show how greedy and self centered some people can be. It is truly a sad state of affairs.