Corona Virus Topic

Had to start a thread for it! :pensive: :mask:

One of the first things I think about with this is the amount of people doing more online more of the time and any possible strain it will have on the system. That, and the amount of people who don’t know much about basic security measures that are bound to run into problems sooner rather than later.

If there were any time to get into the online security business, it’s now. But we need honest, reputable people helping others.

Grey Hatters unite!


So many people are working from home online, on their own systems right now. Could you imagine the level of insecurity this is creating? People are only concerning themselves with toilet paper and not getting the sniffles but God forbid we had a wave of virtual attackers hit us right now.

That’s what the medical community is going through right now. If the general public got hit just as hard or harder, they would lose their marbles.

I agree with midnight in that it makes nervous there are so many newbies online right now. I’m picturing a bunch of 5 year old’s banging away on the keyboards with no rhyme or reason in the hopes of keeping themselves protected. Something is bound to go wrong at some point.

It’s interesting to see how people react so differently to this. Some are behaving like it’s doomsday (again) and others act like nothing is happening. I’m somewhere in the middle. I know it’s a threat but I don’t think shutting down the majority of the country is the answer. More vulnerable people should take more precautions, everyone else should get on with their lives.

There’s in flows of online earners now and I know they need to be serious with security because hackers and scammers will also increase their activities. It will really be a tough one for the newbies

I support you @Midnight , a friend of mine got duped last week all in the name of buying a course online. I wish people that has little knowledge about the internet can ask people that knows for help. You won’t want to fall victim

People needs to take precaution when online now because there will be a lot of dubious activities going on. people are really online now.