Can you recover from a hack?

If your server was hacked into tomorrow, what is your recovery process?
Mine is quite simple actually. My websites and their databases are backed up nightly and securely stored on a backup server via rsync.
I can immediately lock everyone out of the server except myself (done by IP address) and dig around to find the security flaw. Backups are also checked for integrity.
When I’m confident I know what happened, I can patch the server of spin up a new one and get everything back online.

Wow, this is really educative. I do know how to log everyone out except me using IP address. How to get the security flaws and how to correct it is really important.

Thank you for bringing this up! This is a weke up call for me to secure all of my log in accounts especially when logging in to my bank account.

Wow, that’s very impressive. I had no idea that it was possible to do and I hadn’t imagined a scenary when I could get hacked. Your words has mede me realize that I need to think in a plan, I like yours by the way.

I think it’s very possible to recover from a hack. However, you need to have good professionals to pull it off.

I usually have a full copy of my data saved in the cloud so recovery is not a problem. The issue is what the hackers may use the data for.