Best Chrome alternative?

For people who are used to Chrome or for those who don’t know any different, what would be a good alternative browser? Most people that frequent sites like this know that Chrome is just not as secure as it should be and they are known to leak information and spy on their users. No surprise there though.

I am trying to get my parents and my brother to get off Chrome but it has to function the same and feel the same or they won’t like it. I was suggesting Brave to them. What do you all think?

Chrome extensions are supposed to work on that browser, so that’s a plus. However, Brave is known for their privacy concerns by way of their ad blocking. I don’t know how those two aspects, the extensions and ad blocking, work together so try it on yourself if you haven’t already. They implemented their safety features to cozy up to the digital currency crowd.

I use Opera quite a bit because I like their safety options and I can get every website up easily that I do on Chrome.

I think Chrome is just as secure as anything else if you go into settings and disable everything that doesn’t effect general use. Casual users do not need camera, location, etc… Any browser is as secure as the user wants it to be.

I never had any issues with Brave so I would recommend it.

Chrome will always send data back to Google regardless of any setting you disable.

The best alternatives if you want to stay on the Blink engine are:

  • Brave - still sends a little data, nowhere near as bad

  • Ungoogled-Chromium - Chrome with all the bad stuff stripped out, totally private

  • Iridium - phones home to Google but can be disabled

For me I always prefer Firefox to any other alternative if I’m not using Google chrome which is the best for me for now.

For me, I generally favor Firefox to some other option in case I’m not utilizing Chrome which is the best for me until further notice.

Safari has excellent performance, but pretty bad security and privacy. I think Firefox is your best bet. It’s generally a pretty good crowd-pleaser.

There is Mozilla and Edge.However, I do prefer Edge to Mozilla.