After A "Breach"

Imagine a scenario where someone hacks into one of your e-mail accounts. They are privvy to business and personal communications. Short of shutting down that account and making a new one for the same business and personal contacts, which sounds like a PIA, is there anything that can be done to blind the prying eyes that already compromised your digital life?

In addition to creating a new email account, I would also recommended taking more proactive steps to not click on questionable links in emails and also do not respond to emails in which you are not absolutely familiar with the sender.

I try to make my passwords very varied and change them every now and then to avoid getting hacked. I also make sure that if I have to send an email from a public internet cafe I completely log off from my account so people won’t be able to even access it.

This is usually a very bad position to be in. The best one can do is to change their account info and try to be more secure in future.