4chan user estimates the true number of Chinese dead at 7-14 Million using publicly available data from Chinese telecom providers

Whoa! No way this can be true but pretty weird!

I hope this is not true. We are really fight this in my country to really reduce the index number. This is really appalling.

This is very horrifying, if it is true. Coronavirus is the new Black Plague, but instead of just mostly Europe, it’s now spread across the world. I sure hope a cure is found fast.

I hope it’s not true. I’m sure that many goverments are lying about the numbers but I hope no to this point. By the way, technologies and social media are posibly a good way to get an idea about whois using the service but doesn’t mean that those who are not using them are necesarily death.

This is truly shocking. I knew the numbers were never accurate but I had no idea it was this bad!

Wow, this pandemic is actually worse than we thought. There might be a second wave of infections at this rate